As networks expand and traffic grows and moves, a network design needs constant tweaking to ensure continued high performance. It's a time consuming process for engineers to regularly re-plan every site to meet changing customer demands. Additionally when adding a new network technology, knowing where to deploy the first sites and in what order to expand to maximise return on investment is a complex and time consuming problem to solve.

Capesso™ addresses these challenges by delivering an optimal design within time, cost and quality specifications by providing an automated approach to cell planning and optimisation through powerful algorithms.

Capesso is the market leading automatic cell planning tool. Our customers choose Capesso for the best results, more quickly than any other planning method. It combines data about the radio network with planning objectives like coverage, capacity and quality to automatically find the best network design based on that information.

Capesso is complementary to your existing planning and propagation software. It builds on your investment in that software by automating the multiple network processes. It is tightly integrated with all leading commercial radio network planning tools.

Capesso delivers great value across the full spectrum of cellular radio standards and their high performance extensions including LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, GSM and WiMAX.

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Setting Optimisation Targets:

Using cumulative distribution graphs to set the most effective optimisation targets


Customer Quote

We are particularly impressed with the level and speed of Capesso.  The results are clearly superior to competitive products.

Director Network Planning,
Major European Group.

Customer Quote

Capesso quickly and clearly demonstrated excellent results through its “site selection” combination and jointly with its ACP functions.

Network Equipment Provider.