Device Testing

AIRCOM operates a state of the art device testing lab to bench test new devices before you allow them onto your network. Field testing of device performance in the live network is also provided. Our lab follows industry standard testing methodologies and holds a number of device testing certifications including AT&T 10776.

In the past 5 years the AIRCOM Device Lab has tested over 900 devices including phones, tablets, data cards, modules and chipsets from more than 45 manufacturers.

Our lab provides radio protocol, performance and applications testing for AT&T’s 10776 device acceptance requirement. Over 2100 test cases are supported in areas such as parametric performance, PS data performance, AMR, Network Selection, RRC/iRAT, RAB/multi-RAB, Call Processing, SIM-ME, OTA, FOTA, device management, MMS, SMS, device security and third party applications. We provide R&D, lab entry, regression testing and maintenance release testing.

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